Venezia, Palazzo San Luca, Natale 2019: 

the worst night in 30 years


Management Overview:


This is, what we ordered, according to the web site:



In detail:

This is, what we got (behind the wooden blinds):

All air-condition heat exchangers are located on the roof top between the wooden blinds and the outer wall of the mansard. Even in winter the systems are running because the cooling is also heating and, the American guests are used to have air-condition on, whether it is cold or hot.

If you are NOISE RESISTANT, no problem. If you are a more romantic type of visitor – NO GO!!


By the way: NEVER BEFORE someone complained the noise!!

Yes – that’s our problem. We often are the first ones complaining something going wrong (from our point of view).



But in detail, if interested:


As you can see in the title: we are frequent visitors to this impressive city.
We know a lot about the very special situation in the lagoon with all the problems of wet walls, electricity, waste water a.s.o.


If you are a once a lifetime visitor it doesn’t make much difference, where you stay for this one or two night. If you are visiting 3 times a year you may get some special requirements, useful or not.  We are focused on roof terraces. It’s many of them in Venice, but not many open to the public.


After 10 years at the Palazzo Guardi near San Trovaso with a wonderful Upper Suite with a PERFECT terrace the owner changed unfortunately and the new one is far from hospitable.


So now, after the 10 good years, we are browsing Venice and if we see a new terrace we try to get a booking at that hotel, apartment or Bed & Breakfast with this new targeted terrace.


In November 2019 we found the Terrace at the Palazzo San Luca, visited the area around and found it worth to give it a try. Super Market just around the corner, silent places and “Calles” around. Al Volto is the nearest Baccaro in Calle Cavalle. 5 Minutes to the Rialto.


We booked this Roof-Suite for Christmas 2019 as offered in Internet.


We got a warm welcome and have been guided to the 3rd floor. The lady opened the room and - we were rooted to the spot. A 16-20m2 standard room, the BROWN room, like thousands other in Venice.

No – we said: this is not, what we have booked. We have booked “something with TERRACE”. The lady said, they made us an UPGRADE to the 16m2 BROWN room.

We did not accept this room, as we have not ordered and paid for that room. So the lady showed us the upper room. The web pages says:

Double Superior Mansarda
Romantic nest with Terrace.

Doubles or queens in a picturesque mansard with luxurious details and a special atmosphere. Perfect for a honeymoon or romantic weekend in Venice. Large, 30 mq space with a terrace and view of the roof tops.

Sleep up to 2, Double Bed, Shower, Wireless Internet, Television, Non Smoking,
Terrace with view of the roof tops

Your romantic nest is waiting


The first impression was good. A small roof mansard room with slope ceiling, so the offered 30m2 are reduced to 15m2 –but as offered.

We also know, that the insolation of all Venetian roof top rooms is bad or non existing, we opened the radiators and left the room for a short walk.


Coming home we faced some noise coming from the wall to the terrace. We identified the noise coming from the Air-condition outside hidden behind the wooden covering.

After complaining this, we got the information, that it is weekend and nobody can help. An hour later, the architect (sic) came and switched of some Air-condition systems in unused rooms. The noise stopped.  Thanks to Enrico!!


Next day the 3rd Air-condition system started at 6:30 in the morning. It was the heating system of the reception room.

Follow the noise link and have a look at the situation there:


The next night (of 3) we had a new noise. The central heating radiators made a rattling noise, when a valve opened the water flow. First the one and 20 seconds later the other one in the “changing room”. Every hour. The sound files can be listened on our home page. Follow the noise link.


One more noise appeared: at the terrace there was a water irrigation system to water the flowers. Every 20 minutes the time-switch started knocking.

Follow the noise link.



Last but not least: the bathroom with shower.

Watch the picture. Yes: molds.



After complaining that problem, they repainted the area and removed the AC-lid.

Giorgia did her best but the whole business needs more strict guidelines and a technical update. Georgia told us, that the owner checks all the rooms once a year staying some days here. This should be the best solution.


All in all:

No romantic nest was waiting


And the sleeping quality was the worst in 30 years visiting this beautiful city.


This story will make it into part 3 of the satirical Saegezahn-Trilogy,

Stories about stupid behavior of low performers in the service industry.



Feedback is welcome:



2020-01-20:  Mail to Palazzo San Luca as an answer to the response at Tripadvisor



from: Franz Reinisch LIS OG []
sent: Montag, 20. Januar 2020 13:23
To: '' <>
Subject: don't ask GOD for help - he is not responsible for your bad performance


My dear Giorgia,

you said at my review at TripAdvisor:




don't call upon  GOD,

he is not responsible neither for your bad performance nor  my critical mind.


But – yes: let the readers also check my other reviews of Venetian hotels, bars and attractions.

Here  you can see WHERE YOU ARE. YOU LOST.


For the detailed story about our stay with you - here is the whole story with sound files.


I will add my other reviews to my Memo to give the readers a better impression, If I am WRONG or you are.

You are ;-))


Anyway: keep your 4th floor dry, even if you have some water in the lowest level floor!!! Hahaha…

To blame the Aqua Alta  for a mold and the noise in the upper level is the most stupid saying – also in the last 30 years in Venezia.



May the owner find this mail useful.


Franz Reinisch
Business consultant
Restaurant Manager since 1977 (!!)
Quality Management



This mail will also be published on the Memo-page mentioned above
maybe I can forward it to  some official persons responsible in Venezia  to see the AC in the bath room.
You want it – you will get it !!! That’s part of MY BUSINESS

You can give me some peace, if you accept my complaint – NOT GOD! He does’t exist!! Most probably!

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