Offener Brief an die schlafende Geschäftsführung

Open letter to the (sleeping) Management of NOMINATION


This is a short story about the unbelievable poor service quality of a sales company called NOMINATION, selling (nice) stainless steel jewelry products.


This story will make it into part 3 of the satirical Saegezahn-Trilogy.

Stories about stupid behavior of low performers in the service industry.





Rupert – Mayer - Straße 46, DE - 81379 - München              Antonio Gensini



Via Fratelli Bandiera, 22, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI) ITALIA             


For our international friends: in English (broken English, as I am an Austrian (german) native speaker)

What happened so far:


My wife is a customer of the NOMINATION composables.

She owns one with nearly all Countries visited. It’s about 75 countries – so  about 75 composable classic silve to be exact in wording. It also means about 200.—Euro all in all.


31th July 2019, back from a journey to South America we were looking for 2 flags: Chile and Peru. As those flags have not been listed on the NOMINATION Italy Shop we searched deeper

and found the CHILE flag in an Australian shop and ordered (a replica) for 11 Australian Dollars (delivery included and delivered 2 weeks later). From Australia!! Many Thanks to the Company!! Due to selling a replica, we do not want to name the store as NOMINATION is interested to sue the company instead of copying the good service. You never know!!

At the same time we found the only PERU flag in a South African NOMINATION online store.
First we asked the Vienna subsidiary, if they can help in getting it INTERNALY. I mean – it’s a NOMINATION store not a replica store. No - they cannot help.

Then we asked NOMINATION ITALY. No - they cannot help.


31st July we asked the NOMINATION South Africa shop in Johannesburg, if the PERU flag is available.

They responded (maybe automatically):

Just to let you know we've received your email and will respond to you as soon as possible.

2nd August I asked the South African NOMINATION Mrs. Rachelle Jacobs, what she means with: as soon as possible
and that I want to know, if the can send it internally to Europe to avoid high delivery costs.


Same day browsing the headquarters online shope we started a chat:

Mrs. Giada sayd: there is no PERU flag. I gave her the link to the shop.
Her Answer: where have you found it??



Mrs. Giada also answered by mail:

As i explained via chat, the Perù flag is not available for Austria market.
We not have this piace in stock anymore and, at the same time, we're not producing it anymore.
The flag is only available for South african market - This because South african is managed by our distributor. 
He has an own stock.


Still 2nd August 2019
NOMINATION South Africa, Mrs. Rachelle Jacobs
I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time.
Of course, you can place the order with us in South Africa.

and later:

Good afternoon,
perfect :)
please, note that the flag link you are wanting will take 21 working days to get to us in South Africa.


Still 2nd August 2019
I placed the order on Friday, 2. August 2019 15:49

And payed with payfast


2nd August 2019 15:53

We told NOMINATION, that we have paid but have been unable to enter an address outside South Africa.


2nd August 2019 15:57 my Mail to NOMINATION South Africa

I hope, you have this one in your STORE as it is not available elsewhere.
You should send it from South Africa  to Austria / Europe.
21 days is no problem

2nd August 2019 16:00 NOMINATION South Africa, Mrs. Rachelle Jacobs
Good afternoon,
Please can you give us a South African address as we cannot and do not offer shipment to Austria


2nd August 2019 16:03 my Mail to NOMINATION South Africa.
This is, what I wanted to avoid,
but you will get an address in 20 Minutes…
Seems to be very complicated to put this 2 Gramm Composable into an envelope and send it to my address.


Some emails to discuss with my partner in Pretoria to get the item from Johannesburg to put it into an envelope to send it to me to Austria.

Still 2nd August 2019 16:38 my Partner in Pretoria will get the item. He said:
Hi Franz,
These guys are unreal.

5th August 2019 10:30 NOMINATION South Africa, Mrs. Rachelle Jacobs
Good morning,

Thank you for providing us with a delivery address for South Africa.

The courier service that we use does not allow us to courier or send items overseas.

Please note that your link is 21 working days and we will deliver it as soon as we can in this time frame.



5th August 2019 10:40 my mail to Nomination SA. Wording is becoming rude. My wording.
Good morning.

I did not ask for a courier service; I asked for a 1 Gramm Composable FLAG, that could be put in a letter envelope.

My partner in Doornport will put it into an envelope after your COURIER has brought it to him.
HOW STUPID can that  be????


21 days?? No problem for us – but also to understand from a business point of view:
If you will try to get the FLAG from Italy, this will fail, as they do not have PERU on store.

See all the mail traffic since…..


Anyway, I am waiting……

Stupid or not!!!

You will, anyway make it into our Volume 3 of my (funny) Business stories.

It’s written in german, so nothing to learn for you…..



6th August 2019 14:59 NOMINATION South Africa, Mrs. Rachelle Jacobs
Good afternoon,

We will get your order to you as soon as possible.



6th August 2019 15:18 my Mail to Nomination ITALY, as they have been on cc on all emails

For this very helpfull email



Time to ask for the delivery:


8th September 2019 19:59 my mail to NOMINATION South Africa
Subject: NOMINATION Composable PERU Flag
Good evening to South Africa,


Do you remember me and my ORDER??

Best regards


Business streamlining


10th September 2019 10:19 my mail to NOMINATION South Africa
Subject: NOMINATION Composable PERU Flag ##2


11th September 2019 09:48
Subject: NOMINATION Composable PERU Flag ##3


11th September 2019 10:25 my mail to NOMINATION ITALY
Subject: NOMINATION Composable PERU Flag ##3


just to show you, how your partner shops PERFORM.

The order is from 2. August 2019 15:49
New Order # 2700003916


Maybe they are hand-carving the Peru-Flag.

AND: you will definitely make it into my Volume 3 of business stories (with bad performers like the Nomination SA)


Any positive feedback is very welcome.

Refund is also fine. BUT QUICK!!!



business streamlining



11th September 2019 10:52 Answer NOMINATION ITALY

Francesca P. ( Nomination E-Commerce)

11 set, 10:52 CEST

Dear Franz,
we really regret for the inconvenince.
I'm forwarding your note to our commercial representative there.
I hope that your situation will be sorted asap.

Best Regards

Francesca P.
Nomination E-Commerce Support Team


13th September 2019 21:56 my mail to NOMINATION South Africa
The answer could be: YES or NO

Within ONE minute.

What is the problem??

The political situation  in South Africa??

The earth-rotation??

The political situation in Italy??


Very boring

Refund and FINISHED!!!





16th September 2019 13:06 NOMINATION South Africa, Mrs. Rachelle Jacobs
Subject: Re: [Customer Service] RE: #23240 - WG: NOMINATION Composable PERU Flag ##3

Good afternoon Franz,

How can I assist you with your order?



18 th September 2019  09:39 my mail to NOMINATION South Africa
Subject: [Customer Service] Ticket: #23443 [Customer Service] RE: #23240 - WG: NOMINATION Composable PERU Flag ##3

Good morning,

even the replay mails announcing an (USEFUL??) answer within 2 working days sound like a JOKE.

Franz Reinisch



I would be happy to get a contract to re-organize your very bad support.
I promise an increase of customer satisfaction of about 112% (within 30 working days).





18 th September 2019  14:49 NOMINATION ITALY, Francesca

Francesca P. ( Nomination E-Commerce)

18 set, 14:49 CEST

Dear Franz,
we apologize for the situation.

As I wrote you, I regret but we don't manage the orders for South Africa .
I already forwarded your communication to our commercial dept.
I hope that the situation will be solve asap.

Best regards

Francesca P.
Nomination E-Commerce Support Team




18 th September 2019 15:48 my email to NOMINATION ITALY to Francesca
Good afternoon Francesca,


I just want you to know, how your Partner performs. BAD.

We did not get any answer from them.  Only the supid automated answers.


We knew, that the item we ordered (a PERU Flag)  is NOT available all over the world but in South Africa.

They need 21 working days do send ?? Maybe they have messenger (messaggero?) to carry the items from one store to the other…

They are not able to send a letter to Austria. We had to find a partner-company (our partner) to receive the item (in case of delivery).

He (my partner) puts the item into an envelope to send it to me!! How stupid can ONE be??? NOMINATION??

They are not able to answer a simple question??


As I mentioned before, we can help you to improve your service quality.
One of my suggestions would be: stop the contract to the South African Partner.  Wrong Place, wrong staff.


If a  solution is  not visible within this week, we give the case to our legal department to get the money back.  ASAP!!


We have been a frequent customer at Nomination shops with at least 200 items bought in the last 8 years.

We have been.


Franz Reinisch


cc. SA Shop  - the Specialist.



19 th September 2019 17:48 my email to NOMINATION ITALY to Francesca
Good evening,

if you could not FORCE your partner to deliver, we want to get our money back.



Franz Reinisch

Former Nomination Customer




19 th September 2019 18:07 email from NOMINATION ITALY , Francesac


Francesca P. ( Nomination E-Commerce)

19 set, 18:07 CEST

Dear Franz,
We are really sorry for the situation.
I forwarded all your note also to our commerical representative there.
I hope that they will get back to you asap.
Best regards

Francesca P.
Nomination E-Commerce Support Team




19 th September 2019 19:04 my Email to NOMINATION ITALY
You must not forward to South Africa but to your Headquarter (or management).

We did NOT GET ANY INFORMATION from South Africa but the note, that the delivery (from JohannesBurg to Pretoria will take about 3 weeks!!!!)

Did they escape with 474.00ZAR??? It’s 30.—Euro…… Alex (the next Township)  is not far away.

Very stupid anyway

It’s not the 30.—Euro, it’s the outrageous (scandaloso!) way they play with customers!!!





The final count down


20 th September 2019 08:54
Good morning Franz,

We have received your emails from our International team from Italy.

We apologize we have been waiting to hear back from our brand manager regarding the stock.

we were informed that our website has not been updating probably and is still showing discontinued links.
This is why you only found it on the SA website and nowhere else.

We apologize for this and we will refund you the R474 through payfast.


20 th September 2019 09:53 ma mail  to NOMINATION South Africa

THAT’s it??

I do not see the outstanding amount on my account

There is something missing…… to get a customer back . Not YOU in South Africa, I will NEVER buy something in your SHOP but maybe at NOMINATON WORLDWIDE???




20 th September 2019 09:57 from  NOMINATION South Africa
Good morning,

Due to you paying through payfast we have to use their platform to refund you, as I said in my previous email this can take up to 5 working days to reflect back in your account. This is due to payfast and their processes.




20 th September 2019 10:12
Just add some ZAR in the REFUND  to compensate the money you had for 6 weeks.

You should pay it from your PRIVATE money, or think about quitting the job yourself, if the management is not straight enough.


Franz Reinisch


27 th September 2019 15:56        Mail from PayFast, Money refundet
Subject: Payment sent to TBR

A payment you recently made via PayFast has been refunded for the following reason.


as per merchant request

Amount Refunded

R 474.00


THIS IS WRONG. Payment was refunded due to MAD MANGEMENT


Franz Reinisch LIS OG


30 th September 2019 10:41 mail from Nomination Italy

Francesca P. ( Nomination E-Commerce)

30 set, 10:41 CEST

Good morning Franz,
we have just received your last e-mail.

From the last conversation with South Africa it results that they already refund your order.
I regret but it takes some time for the amount to be charged back on your account.

We really regret for the entire situation and for the long time passied to solve your situation.

We would like also to know if we can help you further.

Please accept this promocode that will entitle you of a discount of 20%
valid until the 31/12/2019

Feel free to contact me in case of any needs,

Francesca P.
Nomination E-Commerce Support Team



30 th September 2019 11.09

Thank you Francesca,


this is the first usefull answer in an complaint case.

You offer something (that maybe cost you nothing) and I – the customer is RECOGNIZED in his problems.


That’s the way.

Hopefully the management can see your action.

Otherwise it is of no use for the future (Your (NOMINATION) future).

(from a point of business streamlining.


Best regards




Franz Reinisch


For us the case was closed, as NOMINATION Italy DID SOMETHING to make the customer happy and ask for further shopping activity with a promo-code. That’s fine. So the management could see, that they have given some “donation” ….


As our South African business friend (and possible delivery address (joke??) ) said at the begin of this story:


Hi Franz,
These guys are unreal.

What we did not believe at this point was, that the stupid poor performing South African Shop again sent a mail:


Here we go:


30 th September 2019 18:26 Nomination South Africa

30 set, 18:26 CEST

Hi Francesca,

This customer has been totally disgusting and rude to us, we have just refunded his order and will no longer communicate with him.
Please do the same.



How was my response today?



1 st October 2019 12:37

My (rude comment; they asked to evaluate the quality of the response )




One last Mail to NOMINATION
1 st October 2019  09:29


Ok:  the web page will stay online in this case….


And yes, we also will not communicate with them.  

Change the management there at your South African shop.
They are IDIOTS (sic). Maybe sick also… (word – joke). I am not a racist,
We visit South Africa every year for 5-6 weeks AND WE HAVE NEVER SEEN such poor
(better said: NO) PERFORMERS in South Africa!!!

Read the whole story. It time consuming, as it was for me!!!

But read the details.

And Italy did  compensate that!!!!



It’s time to stop now.




May this short memo make the way around the word to show the poor service quality at NOMINATION (not only South Africa).

Emails to:


Visit us at

We can help you streamlining your processes.

Production, maintenance, labs and administration.



This document is IN PROGRESS for a final version being publishes in the book about stupid Management stories.  (translated: the Saw-Tooth).


October 1st