How all begun 17.9.2018:

We tried to get an Iberia Plus Card before starting our booking process….(how stupid).

In getting the Iberia PLUS Card Number we faced a web page error (YOUR (IBERIAS) WEB PAGE) and could not get any further,
as they wanted to get an Iberia Plus Card number to solve the Iberia Plus Card Number problem.

At that point we should have stopped trying to fly IBERIA……..

Anyway, we got some flights VIE – MAD - SCL – CUZ – LIM - MAD - VIE
No so bad, no service flights – but ok. Warm and cozy.

On our trip back home from LIMA to MADRID IB6650,
Friday 19.7.2019 19:40 departure LIMA / PERU
Saturday 20.7.2019 14:10 arrival MADRID / SPAIN
Seat 45A and 45B  Additional fee to sit together with my wife:
2 x 25.—EURO

We go this special cooling facility

As you see, you can touch the outside wall of the airframe. It was not possible for us to close the maintenance panel as one of the closer clips was broken.
WE could not close it.
The waitresses (sic) did not even try to close it.
They were not interested in solving that (minor) problem.

As very cold air came in from the outside wall (-40°C) we asked devoutly for 2 or 3 additional blankets to stuff the icy hole. After 15 minutes and no solution
I asked again for 2 or 3 additional blankets. One bored and disgusted waitress came and brought ONE blanket.
I said, with one blanket I cannot stuff the hole.

Answer: “we do not have any more blankets!”

After another 15 minutes I asked, if somebody is interested in solving the problem??
No but I can complain to the purser, what is kind of supervising waiter.
YES, I want to complaint to the purser.
After another 15 minutes I asked, if the purser will have time to solve our problem.
NO, he is busy in another compartment. Maybe another open maintenance panel??
After another 15 minutes
and frozen legs in the meantime, Mr. Purser arrived and tried to speak in calm well trained voice (to keep the problem a “private one”).
HE, after another 15 minutes, came with 3 blankets (crew blankets) and we could stuff the icy grove.

No excuse, no additional glass of wine, no refund of the 50.—Euro -  NOTHING.

Back home we tried to open a claim (complaint).  Both of us with a heavy COLD for more than 3 weeks now.

TRY to make a complaint!! It’s not only the IBERIAN way, they all do the same procedure. But as IBERIA has lots of complaints, they seem to make it even more difficult.

You need ˝ hour to type all the flight numbers, Booking codes, and ticket numbers etc. to come to the core….

And then:



Thank you for contacting Iberia.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We have received your complaint and our team will now analyse it and send you a reply within 21 business days.

Iberia Customer Services


Best suggestion from the unsocial experts on Facebook


All answers with an email-address that is a NO ANSWER ADDRESS; so you cannot answer on that lousy answers.


assigned agentAs it was a LATAM flight done by IBERIA we also tried to open a complaint at LATAM.

Answer: We understand how annoying this could be. Therefore, we want to let you know that we will take this into account,
allowing us to improve and avoid these types of problems in the future.
Thanks.Andres Salazar.



Our conclusions:


I mean:

not in maintenance,

not in service quality,

not in complaints management!


But in being STUPID!!!! and making customers even more angry than before dropping the complaint!!!

Last update: 7th August 2019 11:16

Dear Mr Reinisch,
We apologise for the inconvenience caused in relation to the incident with your flight IB6650 on 19/07/2019.
Immediately after the flight has reached its destination, we check the cabins to ensure they are in good condition.
We are occasionally unable to fix problems immediately because the airport where the aircraft is resting does not have the spare part.
Please accept my apologies if it was not in perfect condition. We regret that the service provided did not meet the appropriate standard of quality,
Thank you for sharing your opinion, which we have referred to the areas responsible so that they can analyse it and take any necessary measures
to improve our service.

With regard to compensation, we have refunded the payment for seat selection, so you will receive it in the same credit card
that you had used for the previous payment.

We apologize for invonvenience.


Iberia. Customer Service Center


we are happy to GET SOMETHING!!
We are not happy, that IBERIA did not understand the complaint.
Our complaint was, of course, based on the open maintenance panel BUT we complaint the totally STUPID behaviour of the waitresses.
No word about that, only that they do not have all the 134.000 spare parts available at every single airport.
(did we mention it: we work in Aicraft maintenance)

so: they did it AGAIN.
Telling the customer, that he is an idiot!!