AirMIT®  &  BAMIT®

Aircraft Maintenance Administration & Information Tool

Small enterprises (SMEs) do neither have the money          
nor the time to implement BIG Aircraft Maintenance Software.          
But small enterprises, with a few airplane only to maintain, have to fulfill all the regulation from the autorities.                     

To keep all administration activities on a minimum level, AirMit® was built for SMEs.       


  • Component management with assembling history            
  • Aircraft management with components usage and sub parts           
  •  Manufacturers and manufacturers documents           
  • Owners and operators management           
  • Check-Documents and tasks managemnt          
  •  Checks and work orders           
  • Order management and accounting           
  • Component cards and component history          
  •  Component alerts and maintenance plans           
  • Keys and parameter management


AirMIT® for (SMEs)

The software system is designed to reduce aircraft maintenance administration. Every additional directive from the manufacturer or the authority is good luck for an Airmit operator!

With the dynamic parameters the operator of Airmit is more or less independent of so called IT specialists and invulnerable against the nonstop changes on authority directives.


For new aircraft you must not link the specific documents to the parts and components - the document knows, which part or component is affected.

No need for Aircraft-templates to start with a new bird in your fleet, just specify type of aircraft or components, part numbers and serial numbers. 

Project Data
Database: SQLServer
vb.NET,  c#.NET
(Source Code available)
first projects in 1995
reporting with CR (SAP)
from 10.000.-- $US (single user) 


 is the Balloon specific "starter-Kit" with parameters set  - ready to go!! 

Support SMEs with an aircraft maintenance and administration (AMS) tool to keep the administration cost as low as possible.


The document centric approach to describe all maintenance tasks. For more details see our WhitePaper at CreateSpace
or Amazon

A manageable and affordable software for a complex business.

Small Aircraft Fleets, Balloon Maintenance and CAMO
(unfortunately the Do 24ATT  is not maintained with Airmit)